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Acoustic Shell, Tel Aviv

LOCATION: Yehoshua Gardens, Tel Aviv

PROGRAMME: Public Venue

The chief principle of the design process was the minimization of the structural effect and the maximal integration with the park's open green space. Accordingly the proposed solution facilitate the expression of intervention that is on the one hand a-structural; meaning one that doesn't create walls or barriers and remains accessible to the public in between events (most of the time) and on the other hand functions as a "plug in" enabling minimization of the park fixed construct, as well as planning an event at a minimum time, maximum efficiency and in every scale.

The plan is based on a small flexible system scattered throughout the pathway and planned to provide an answer to both fundamental end situations; event (private) and every day) public). The row of sails along the path is used in every day as a shading system that protects the pedestrians' path and is added to the variety of the main public spaces at the park which attract visitors also to the southern-eastern corner of the park closed to the Yarkon. At the time of an event the flexible shades system turns with a simple mechanic system (hinge and engine) to the stage area and provides the acoustic effects required for a show. During huge events when there is no need for acoustic effects throughout the stage space, the hinge allows the system to stands up and become a huge acoustic barrier and a screening monitor for distant spectators.