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Holocaust Memorial, Atlantic City USA

LOCATION: Atlantic City USA

PROGRAMME: Education and Community



Our proposal is to salvage an abandoned Ukrainian synagogue. Its walls and history bear silent witness to the annihilation of a community and demonstrate the enduring power of Jewish culture.

Set in the city of Czerniowce,"Hevrat Tehilim" Synagogue is one of Eastern Europe's many former centers of Jewish spirituality. This holy building was abandoned during Nazi extermination of the Jewish community. Later, the Soviets claimed it as state property and, after their fall, it was sold to the highest bidder.

An Israeli architectural expedition recently uncovered magnificent murals that survived the synagogues adaption into a church.

We propose a gentle dismantling of the building, reconstructing it as a memorial.

It is impossible to comprehend the scale and horror of the Holocaust. It is equally impossible to represent it. Therefore, the synagogues corporeal authenticity offers unique setting for meaningful spiritual reflection.