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Tel-Aviv-Jaffa City Hall

Renovation and top wing addition to the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality building.

After years of deterioration and neglect, the Tel Aviv municipality declared an architectural competition for the renovation and expansion of Tel-Aviv-Jaffa city hall.

Our office won the competition and the work carried out with the full and blessed cooperation of the original architect of the building- Mr. Menaham Cohen.

Apart from being the official building of the municipal authorities, the municipality site overlooks the most important civic center in Israel, Rabin's square, and is recognized by all of us as the facade of the most important and well- known public arena in Israel.
At the same time of handling "customary" issues of wear and tear, crowdedness and saving energy expenses, the extensive renovation project reestablishes a new relationship between the public space and the building in order to implement a direct connection between the city and its city hall.


Photographs by Amit Geron.