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Jusidman Conference Center - IDC Campus, Herzelia

LOCATION: Herzelia

PROGRAMME: Convention Center

STATUS: In Process - 2015



The IDC represents a closely knit community.

It’s a home - a message we heard from many people we spoke to, who also came from multicultural backgrounds. Beside excellence & leadership IDC has become synonymous with social mobility & cultural diversity. These qualities are well echoed within the fabric of the campus that successfully balances the small and the big, the open and the closeted, the young and the old, the complex and the simple.


Instead of establishing hierarchies, it is the way that everything works together contextually and harmoniously, that brings the community to explore, navigate and define its place. As a result, the college maintains a unique sense of intimacy and familiarity to students, staff, and alumni.  IDC is an assembly of people, spaces and opportunities. This is the extraordinary fabric of the IDC.


 The site for the convention center will be in the very center of campus. It will connect new sections to the existing fabric, and will host prestigious guests from Israel and abroad as well as students and staff on an ongoing basis. It will boast in both daytime and nocturnal modes and its effects acknowledged at local and external scales.


Finally, we manifest the program as a set of contextual relationships. Thus the potential of the new construction, which we as architects work diligently to manifest, is in weaving these relationships into their correct play. Inspired by the evocative fabric already on IDC campus today, we envision a new structure that invokes activity, exploration, and excellence.