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Visitor Center


PROGRAMME: Visitor center

STATUS: Competition

CLIENT: Tel-Aviv municipality


Perched on top of the hill, "The Base" is an extraordinary site located at the northern end of the spectacular coastal park which is rapidly progressing towards completion. The residents of the north of the city know very well the high hill between Tel Baruch beach and Sea and Sun, although most of them did not get to enter it, as well as the large surfing community of Tel Aviv, which the base beach, has been used by it for years.
I was personally appointed to two communities, and I know the place like the back of my hand. I grew up in the old Tel Baruch and the base has been my home beach since the mid-1980s.

The base is a rare site for many different reasons - since this high and prominent site on the coastline, which overlooks and is observed from every direction, is also available for construction, and is intended for a public building in the heart of a precedent and beautiful park- in simple words it is a diamond!

Accordingly, we perceive the dramatic potential of this opportunity as a step beyond the program defined for the competition and it derives first and foremost from the very move itself: the creation of a public event in an iconic and exclusive location that has always been closed and locked to the residents of the city and is now about to invite them in.
The experience of the direct encounter with the local nature, on the one hand, and the spectacular view that will open from the top of the hill to the sea and the city coast on the other, are a wonderful gift to the city and for its residents - a unique and unprecedented opportunity that cannot be overstated in words for its rarity and importance!