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Reading Containers, Tel Aviv


PROGRAMME: Public Venue

SIZE: 20.000 m2


A proposal for re-use.

Located south of Reading power station in Tel-Aviv, the petrol tanks present a unique opportunity to re-use industrial structures for the city's benefit.

These massive oil tanks are planned to be dismantled as part of the city master plan for the transformation of the Yarkon river side area into a park.

Apart of its ecological consequences, dismantling these structures means loosing available roofed spaces located in a prime site with huge potential for alternative usage. Moreover, as part of national master plan for the coast of Israel (TAMA 13), new buildings wont be allowed within the shore line and this means the city will lose these available structures without being able to replace them with new buildings.

Therefore, we propose a new strategy for re-thinking the role & potential of these wonderful old structures as part of Yarkon River side development and as semi-open public spaces.

A magical public park could emerge from these existing massive structures and their various uses, allowing for a unique urban experience and a central public attraction.

Instead of investing money in dismantling these structures, we propose to upgrade and transform them into new & iconic features in the city's public sphere.