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Safra Research Center, Rehovot


PROGRAMME: Reserch and Laboratories Center

CLIENT: Weizmann Institute

Inspired by the aesthetics of computerized mapping of the humane genome, these two monolithic volumes present a uniquely abstract and ultra-modern architecture. While the interior is precisely arranged to meet the specified functional requirements of the scientists, the skin of pre-cast white terrazzo facade wrapped around the pair of monoliths is designed to blur conventional programmatic distinctions (labs, offices, lobby, library, cafeteria) and instead manifest sheer mass and suspended weight - architecture's most ancient and revered attributes. The path between the two volumes offers the spectator constantly shifting points of view that turn movement into a dynamic experience of abstract choreography. The dynamics of this in-between space will generate diverse activities in the paved and shaded piazza, turning it into a major public space on the Weizmann Institute campus.

Inside each of these two volumes, the interior is organized around a central lobby that is directly connected to the exterior piazza. Positioned on opposite sides of the piazza, the pair of lobbies allows space to flow seamlessly from the outside to the interior.