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Euro Park, Kibbutz Yakum

LOCATION: Kibbutz Yakum

PROGRAMME: Commercial Center

SIZE: 1.500 m

DESIGN TEAM: Asaf Lerman, Tali Dadon



The high-tech " Euro Park " in the outskirts of kibbutz Yakum Has succeeded in carefully merging into the open agricultural land and low-rise building fabric around it.
This successful assimilation is the result of careful and deliberate use of materials, color and scale.
The design of the commercial center alongside follows similar aims by using the same principals in order to create a homogenous and fluent intervention into the magnificent site.
The small complex gently diffuses the distinction between in & out, artificial & natural.
Existing trees are carefully kept, as they are introduced into the building, while structural load bearing walls are distributed in a manner that repeats the natural organization of the trees.
The experience of movement in the space is one of passage through varying situations or moods; views open up and vanish, sun light and the shadows and reflections from the glass surface create a silent choreography.
The complex includes 900 sqm convenience store, a 100 sqm restaurant with an additional 500 sqm seating area adjacent to it.
The center is backed by a car park with a capacity of 75 cars and has pedestrian routes that arrive to it from 4 directions.
The 200 sqm service area facing the parking lot is hidden away from the daily users of the complex.